01. The first [rays] of sunshine were just hitting the house as Martin slowly rose from his bed.
02. There is a [ray] of hope that some passengers may have survived the plane crash.
03. A [ray] of light broke through the clouds.
04. Certain types of [rays] from the sun can cause skin cancer.
05. The car was wildly painted in blue with [rays] of yellow along the sides.
06. The cat was curled up in front of the window, in a [ray] of warm sunshine.
07. The sun's [rays] showed pink and purple in the sunset.
08. Because the sun is so far away, its [rays] arrive at earth travelling almost parallel.
09. Alexander Graham Bell once said, "Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's [rays] do not burn until brought to a focus."
10. The greenhouse effect traps the sun's [rays] within our atmosphere, which raises global temperatures.
11. A jet airliner would need more than 18 years to complete the journey our sun's [rays] make through space in 8 minutes.
12. Of all colors, gray lenses in sunglasses best protect the eyes against the sun's [rays].
13. The earth will receive more ultraviolet [rays] as the ozone is destroyed.
14. Someone told me that the [rays] coming off the screen of your computer can be dangerous for your health.
15. Sunscreen with a rating of 25 or more acts as an effective shield against harmful [rays] from the sun.
16. A [ray] of sunshine broke through the clouds, throwing light on a little island in the middle of the ocean.
17. Japan's national flag previously had a sun on it with [rays] extending to the edges.
18. We could see dust floating in the [rays] of sunlight streaming through the living room window.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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